Quit Squirreling Around

I am a big dreamer….I am sure there are so many others like me.  You get these grand ideas and you can see the “big picture” and you can paint the vision so clearly.  Then you say to yourself, “I am going to make this happen,” you just watch. That lasts about a month. Then the motivation comes in spurts.  You still believe in the vision, you just find other things that need tending to. So the vision that you painted that you were so excited about starts to fizzle away. Not because it’s not a great idea, but because you have lost sight a little and are not putting in the work.  You become “distracted.”

That my friend is Squirreling. What exactly is squirreling? Well it goes a little something like this. Your idea gets painted into a clear picture…your vision. Then you have daily tasks that YOU must do to complete your vision. So you begin. Focused, Focused, Focused…..Squirrel (you decide to take a gander on social media because well you just felt as though you were missing out on the world, a few minutes turns to 30 min because you feel the need to like and comment and then well everyone else posted so you should too. You edit your post 10 times and keep checking back to see why you don’t have as many likes and you get frustrated and begin to feel like your self worth is nothing because no one is getting behind your post.) well maybe not that extreme, but you get my point.

So after you get your head back into the game. You are finally ready to begin again. Focused, Focused, Focused…Squirrel (the phone rings and you hear from a family or friend who proceeds to tell you how you are wasting your time. They continue tell you how you should get a “Real Job.” After you spend 20 minutes explaining and defending yourself, then another 30 minutes removing the self doubt in thinking they may be right; you realize an hour has passed.) I am by no means stating to be irresponsible. Pay your bills, take care of your family etc. Sometimes you have to take that job to support what you really want to do. Then you really have to stay focused and put in the extra work because that paycheck will convince you that it is all you will ever need in life. But in order for you to make that true desire a reality you will have to do more and work harder and stay focused!

Do you see the pattern here. We all get easily distracted at times. Some of us more than others and that is because we lose complete sight of our goals. It’s ok to take time to tackle whatever you must at that time, But tackle it with the mindset of I need to handle ________ because I need to get back to doing _________, so I can have ____________.

Don’t let distractions block your view. Handle things that need to be handled. Then, get back to completing your goals.