Your Mistakes Are Your Assets

I guess today is a 2fer…(smile) We all go through LIFE. The ups the downs, the crisscrosses and in between’s. We try new things and we succeed at some, almost make it to completion of others and we fail at quit a few.

We fail sooo hard that the experience remains with us for all eternity and alters our lives and thought processes in someway. That is my definition of a mistake. That thing we did that we still feel to this day. Some of them we regret horribly. Others we sweep under the rug and some, others let us know at any given moment.

Sometimes people closes to us, family, friends, co workers and associates will remind us of those infamous mistakes; the ones that they define us by. Wait, let me rephrase that; the ones we ALLOW ourselves to be defined by. That my friend is exactly why we stay stuck in a preconceived notion that we are no better than the mistakes we have made. And that is the WRONG frame of mind.

We are not our mistakes, we will continue to make mistakes, mistakes do happen. It is what you choose to do because of the mistake you made that gives us strength and power. Here are some steps you can do to help you turn that mistake into an asset in your life.

  1. Forgive Yourself
  2. Acceptance
  3. Learn From It And Move on

You are who you are because of where you’ve been. But don’t allow where you’ve been to stop you from where you want to go.

If anyone wants to throw your mistakes in your face because it is a mistake they may not have made or experienced, tell them that it is OK. Then let them know you’ve got your mistakes… they need to go and focus on their own.