What Drives You?

Hello my sexy and intuitive folks! Did you have an eventful weekend? I must say I did. It was filled with doing the things I LOVED. What I mean by that, is doing things that moved my soul. So much so my soul now has more shit it wants to say…lol

I am still attempting to figure out where this new state of being is stemming from. It is definitely seeping from my pores. I have this new air about myself and it is very very evident.

Anywho we have a new Coffee and Conversation up…Yaaaay. This morning when my bestie Michele and were discussing life. We got on the topic of her work ethic, which is a trait I absolutely admire about her. As women we should do more of that. So I asked her what drives her and down the rabbit hole we went.

People are driven by certain things, money, love, fear, success. Or at least we think it is one thing that drives you then you eventually figure out it is totally something else. It is a question I was struggling with. I have drive and determination while certain things may move me more than others; I wanted to try and zero in on what I think drives me. Below you can take a listen how it all played out.

I must say it is a question I believe we should take time to ask ourselves. I also believe it will get you one step closer to knowing exactly who you are in this life.

Everything we could possibly want to know about ourselves is within each of us. We are puzzles desiring to be solved. Have a good inside talk on a daily. So right now I ask you “What Drives You”?