Walking Away-Phoenix Rising

Today while meditating I kept getting a sense or a feeling of NEWNESS. I was feeling pushed to acknowledge a part of myself that I kept quiet or hidden for so long.

I was being nudged to let go! Of course me being the inquisitive little diva that I am; began to ask myself..Let go of what? The Answer was everything and anything that no longer serves you…every and anything that weighs you down….every and anything that causes you to feel less than who you are. (My own stinking thinking to be exact)

So I followed it up with a little help from my friends (My tarot cards) The message was affirmed. I pulled the Walking Away Card!

A lot of times as we begin to move on beyond our old selves we have bits and pieces that we just won’t let go of. Things like thought patterns, old hurts, old beliefs, even people and things. We fight it and the evolution becomes hard and painful.

I am here to tell you….YOU ARE A PHOENIX RISING! Everyday you have the power to arise and be born a new despite what you are going through. You will come through the fire and ashes to be born again….this time with a confidence, energy and air about you that cannot be contained.

Go For Everything You Desire Yourself To Be and Have No F**ks To Give About Who Thinks It Is Not Possible!