The Sun- Rebirth Of You

I believe….No I know that this card is an extension to the other card I drew the other day. That card was the walking away card and an energy of a Phoenix Rising.

I am sure it is also coupled with the Black Moon Eclipse on July 16th. Did any of you have trouble sleeping? Did you find yourself in petty arguments or bickering with those around you, or maybe even old wounds that you though were buried all of a sudden rearing it’s head. I can answer YES to all of the above.

Being an Intuitive means that you pay very close attention to some of the most minute things. Say for instance, numbers, animals crossing your path or even the messages in your dreams.

Which leads me to this. The other night I had a dream I left an event with two purses. One was a little smaller than the other but it held my i.d, credit cards, bank cards and business cards. I left the building entered the car because I was clearly going somewhere. I went to look in my purse and noticed my smaller purse with all of the things that identified who I was were no longer in there. I did not panic, I simply said to my fiance` “I guess I have to get a whole new identity and start over”. I was annoyed but not worried.

My Interpretation: (As an intuitive you find you have that gift too) What that dream said told me was that I am no longer who I used to be. It was reminding me that I am going in a new direction and that it was ok. Although I don’t have a clear vision as to where or what that is, I know am going to be ok. I just have to go with the flow!

That leads me to the Black Moon Eclipse last night and not sleeping well. I noticed yesterday that my fiance` had a bad day at work. And like most of us he brought it home. His energy triggered mine and we had a complete difference of opinion. (you know what I mean) We of course talked it out to try and figure out what the issue was.

Then this morning while meditating, I kept getting a vision of riding down the road and ignoring my GPS that was telling me to turn. I am like what is the deal with the traveling…lol There is clearly a road or path I am on right now and if I don’t pay close attention I am going to miss where I am supposed to be headed. Any who, I then turned over my tarot card and got THE SUN Card. The first card in my tarot deck. The cards I use are The Energy Oracle Cards (Love them). Mainly because I can get a reading not just for me but one for the energetic pulse of the collective just read through me (I hope that makes sense)

The Sun card affirmed what I have been feeling. Here is the meaning of the Sun Card : New Beginnings and Great Creativity. This card portends blessings into your own life. Just as the sun nurtures the earth, bringing new life in the spring and summer, this is your time for a new beginning, the onset of a nurturing, new light in your life–the light of Divine inspiration and personal growth. This card marks a time of great creativity, and even the birth of a new you!!!

Basically we are all being called upon right now to reevaluate things and situations in our lives. We must pay attention to the signs. Heal what needs to be healed and get ready to embark on the life you have always wanted. And that will require change. You are no longer who you once were and that is a beautiful thing. Embrace it, feel it, know it and love it. But that will also mean you may have to let some things go and that can be painful. But I mean birth is a painful process! You know who you have always wanted to be. Now is the perfect time to go after it.