Stop Waiting!

Your Life Is Happening Right Now!

I figured today was as good as any day to finally do what I know I am meant to do. Funny thing is, I am figuring that part out as I go.

Every morning I wake, enjoy a cup of coffee, meditate and consort with my cards. Cards? Tarot cards of course (there is an interesting personal fact). It is basically my own inner voices affirming the things I already know. I stream motivational videos and listen to speeches and I wait….. I wait for the trigger. That bolt of energy that shoots through my body and speaks to my subconscious and conscious mind at the same time. That is where my message of the day comes from.

Here is today’s message:

STOP WAITING! We are always looking for that right thing to get us going so that we can push to the next thing. We are waiting for that perfect partner, that million dollar investment, that new home or car before we accept ourselves. Before we start living and enjoying those wonderful moments.

But our wonderful moment happens whether we have those things or not. There is NO FINISH LINE! We are designed to keep moving, dreaming, building and loving. We are beings that will continue to evolve on a daily basis. That feeling of acceptance, love, success, abundance are all things that are happening right now. They are happening inside of each and every one of us. Not outside of our being. We are what we need to live full lives.

We get so caught up in circumstances and things around us that we lose sight of what is beautiful and important. We are beautiful and important. We can visualize the life we want and each day tend to the seeds planted to eventually manifest into our outer reality. But we don’t have to WAIT to enjoy it feel it, taste it and touch it.

Live as if it the life you desire is already yours, keeping in mind and understanding where you are in life and where you physically want to be. KNOW that it is already yours and know that it will be delivered at your feet. But also know you do not have to wait until you have it to begin to live.