Peek-A-Boo I See The Real You

Today’s blog post was a little more difficult for me to write than most. I did my usual routine, I made a cup of coffee, listened to motivational videos followed by meditation. It’s what I do. However, this morning the message didn’t come flying in with a bolt of electricity.

This morning my message was a little harder to decipher. I probably had 15 other topics I could have touched on but as I began to ponder on the words they just wouldn’t flow.

So I stopped thinking about what I thought others might want to read and I asked myself. What is it that I need to know about myself today? What is my message today. The message was simply….Be Who You Are Kenya…The Real You. Well, that didn’t sit right at first because I thought how dare I say that I wasn’t being the real me…lol Crazy right? I thought so too.

But as I pondered that message and scrolled through old pics and social media posts from years ago. I actually said to my self…who in the hell was that woman. How could I look at an image that was clearly an image of me and feel so detached and removed from it?

That’s when it hit me….That woman was cloaked in so much of the material world that who she really was, was hidden. I caught glimpses of her every now and again when no one was around but, she was cloaked in the material (Hair, nails, clothes etc). It wasn’t until EVERYTHING was removed from me that I had to deal with my authentic self. Things I thought identified who I was. I use the term removed because nothing is ever truly lost. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. I can obtain those things again if I truly want them in my life.

I hid behind what I thought other people expected to see. My Hair….I loved weave…my hair became damaged that I felt the need to cut it off. My tons of Stilettos……I sprained my ankle that I couldn’t wear them for months. My clothes….I gained 15 lbs and could no longer fit any of them so I gave them to my daughter. My make up…I got a sty on my eye that I could no longer wear make-up. My plush environment...I could no longer afford it and I had to let it go and live in a hotel. I was FORCED to DEAL with myself in raw form. That was a tough pill to swallow.

But what I found in all of that material loss…Was me. Regardless of what I have, What I wear, where I am in this life. I am me AND I AM PRETTY F*CKING DOPE!!!

And So Are You!!! Stop being who others expect you to be…Be who you know deep down in your soul you are truly meant to be. That is the version of yourself that the world needs more of.