Know Your Whole Self

Connect With Your Soul Self To Live The Life Of Your Whole Self…..hhhhmmmm.

That message came to me yesterday morning during meditation. It was like a complete ah-ha moment. It resonated with me. So I picked up my book and began to write. Below is the message that came:

The hands are not what create your world. The Mind is what shapes your world

The Heart is the intent behind what you truly desire (design) that feeds the mind it’s directives to initiate the physical body to do what it needs to in the physical to manifest.

All the while it is the Soul that is the Puppet Master…..

When I read what I had written; I completely understood what it was saying. We all desire things that are not in front of us. We chase after them as if they are running. When in actuality, what we seek and desire comes from us to begin with. Every thing around us is something that we have manifested for ourselves. The soul is communicating with us on a daily by what is placed in front of us in the physical. If it is a situation or circumstance that we don’t like, we are the one’s that have the power to change it. If we follow our hearts desire and believe that we are deserving we can and will acquire the things we want most to EXPERIENCE. To experience something is to feel it. To feel it is to understand the energy, connect with it and interpret it’s emotion. Joy, happiness, love, wealth, abundance etc.

Yes even suffering. there is always suffering in the world. Sometimes you have to EXPERIENCE something to know for sure you don’t want it. I believe suffering, despair, sadness fall into that category.

With all of that being said. What I gathered from the message. 1. Stop chasing after the things you desire. 2. Become them so that they may come to you. 3. Listen to your inner voice, your feelings, your heart, I mean truly listen it is always trying to guide you along on your way. Connect with who you are on all levels.

No one outside of you will ever have the answers as it pertains to your life. You have them. If ever you are lost…stop and ask yourself…where do I want to go…what do I want to experience…Your soul will reveal the answer and sure enough the path will be lit.