How Do I Feel?

WELL WE DID IT! You are probably wondering exactly what is it that you did? Well I will tell you.

My Bestie Michele and I have been enjoying coffee and conversations FOR YEARS! Ok sometimes it’s over a glass of wine, but most times it is definitely coffee.

We ponder life’s questions as it pertains to us personally and our place in this vast universe. We tap into our inner being and truly shed light on things that have transpired on a day to day. We revisit the past only to dissect it to have a clearer understanding of our present and current situation.

Well we have decided to hit RECORD! The first one is raw and uncut but I felt that is what makes this one so incredible is that it is the birth of something new and as we grow everyone else can grow with us.

The main topic of this conversation was the question HOW DO I FEEL? At any given moment or within in any circumstance or situation we should ask ourselves’ how does this make me feel?

It is a little lengthy but hopefully you will enjoy it and something resonates… So Here you go.

Very First Podcast.