Go With Your KNOW!

I bet some of you may wonder what classifies me as an intuitive? Guess what, we all. I just decided to listen to my intuitive self as I got older..lol

I define intuition as: a inner feeling of knowing without actually knowing why or how you know (mmmhhh decipher that one). Some call it a gut feeling, others that inner voice. No matter the definition we All KNOW what it is. Most of us just ignore it.

Believe it or not there are so many of us out here. I believe most women are more intuitive than men and women who have had children are definitely more prone to following their inner knowing. I have 4 children so my intuition is on fleek! My mother is very intuitive as well and so was my grandmother. So I do think my gift was handed down to some degree.

Intuition is such a beautiful thing. It can help you make decisions, it can keep you safe, it can truly assist you in life, if you just ALLOW it to do so.

How do you know if it is your intuition or something fear based that is causing you to act on it. Well, first do not act on it the minute you feel something. Meaning sometimes it can be a insecurity or emotion that is the driving force. You know when you think your spouse or significant other is cheating…(Just keeping it real) Don’t go ruining your relationship without the facts. (Just saying) But do pay attention. Intuition is definitely a repeat offender when it comes to getting the message to you.

Here Are 10 things Highly Intuitive People Do via huffpost.com

Does any of the above describe you? If it does than welcome to my world!